To customize your news sources, to talk about the news, discuss it with a small group, make friends, and share news you think is interesting.
Simply paste the url link in the home page and pick a topic. Write a small mini description for the website.
Submitting articles allows others to view the content and comment on it. Other who follow you will be eager to read it and it allows the other users to comment on it.
At the bottom left submit the website host you want to submit. Once reviewed we will approve the source. Not all sources are approved if they don't meet our quality standard.
After you find news article, create a post to start a discussion. Choose the size of the group you want between 6 to 12 people.
You can join any discussion unless it is marked as (FULL). Simply find the parent comment and click "Reply" to expand the discussion.
Be a curator for high quality news. News you post and repost show up in your profile. People who follow your will be able to see your posts in the "Followed Peer" section.
Peer2peer news was designed for the speed and mobile in mind. We streamlined the interface with minimalist code to create the fastest browsing experience both on mobile and desktop. Instead of a mobile app, add the site to home screen. Check regularly for new news, and updates from people commenting in your discussion.
Use for instruction to adda shortcut for quick access to our site. In Android, use Chrome “Add to home screen” to get a web page shortcut on the Android home screen. Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner.
Once this button is clicked, the author's content will not display in the home or the categories he posts on.
Once this button is clicked, the author's content will not display in your home feed. The content can still display in the category the author choices and will be visible there.
This is the list of website you submitted that are now approved. You can submit URLs from this site to contribute to the news platform.
In your profile settings you will find an option to delete your profile.
ACC is authorized content creator. These are creators who post content that is high qualify and are verified people and or companies. Pro are people who have had their identify verified. Content is not always verified.
A subchannel is another profile you can curate or post content from. The subchannel has it's own name, and it's own number of followers. It allows you to curate a specific audience based on the taste of that audience. Once you are verified, that account also becomes verified.
These are points you get when you participate in discussions & create them. Earn points & badges for participating & recognition for your input!